ADHS project – Generation without decay

ADHS project – Generation without decay
ADHS project – Generation without decay / the author is the president of ADHS Anna Sloviaková B.Sc. / module – You will be a mother, can you protect your baby? whose implementation is ongoing, was awarded 3rd place in the IFDH world project competition in the Social Responsibility Empowering Women category.
On April 6, 2022, an education and briefing was held in Prievidza

On April 6, 2022, education and instruction took place in Prievidza under the leadership of Bc. M. Školnová dipl.d.h. within the first module of the ADHS project titled You will be a mother, can you protect your baby?

Implementation of the first module of the ADHS project in Topoľčany

On May 27, 2022, a meeting of future mothers with a dental hygienist was held as part of the ADHS project. ADHS president Anna Sloviaková dipl.d.h., devoted her time to education in the Svet zdravia hospital in Topoľčany. The first moduletitled – You will be a mother, can you protect your baby was met with a positive response not only by the hospital management, but also by the media, the local radio. The management of the hospital expressed interest in further cooperation.

The ADHS project little differently

On June 4, 2022, on the occasion of the MDD in Veľké Uherce, an educational stand was created as part of the ADHS project as part of the journey through the fairytale forest. Education was carried out by ADHS vice-president Katarína Žiaková, dipl.d.h. dressed as a tooth fairy. Approximately 300 children took part, accompanied by family members, as well as future mothers. In this way, three modules of the ADHS project – Generation without decay were realized.

Module 1. You will be a mother, you can protect your baby.
Module 2. Mom, dad come with me!
Module 3. We guard the six.

Also in this way, we thank the companies for their material support, which enabled not only
oral education, but also individual training in the proper care of the oral cavity.

Although in an unconventional, but very effective way, the implementation of the ADHS project is possible.

International competition award of the ADHS project "Generation without decay"

1st place for the ADHS project “Generation without caries”, whose author is ADHS president
Anna Sloviaková dipl. d. h. in the IFDH 2022 Impact Award program.
ADHS was also successful in another IFDH program Every child has to toothbrush. Even
though many projects in this category did not pass the commission selection. Module II and
III the “Generation without decay” project was selected.

1. Module

You will be a mother - can you protect your baby?

The module is aimed at motivating future mothers. We point out the impact of oral health on the overall health of the organism and the development of the fetus.

The World Oral Health Day, which falls annually on March 20, was declared by the World Organization of Dentists (FDI). On this day, the activities of experts are intensified, aimed at informing the public about the importance of taking care of the teeth and surrounding tissues and the connection with the overall health of a person.

It is on this day that the Association of Dental Hygienists in the Slovak Republic will symbolically launch the 1st module of the "GENERATION WITHOUT DECAY" project titled “You will be a mother – can you protect your baby”

The task of each interested dental hygienist will be to present this project in the form of a lecture, where mothers could learn basic information, namely:

All these points are covered in a short presentation.

Finally, the question remains "Where to implement these lectures?"

2. Module

Mom, dad come with me!

This module focuses on the motivation and instruction of children from 3 to 6 years. Its name already suggests that parents should be instructed at the same time as this group of children. It is pointless to visit children in kindergarten alone when there is no cooperation from parents. The effect disappears without the cooperation of the parent. It is necessary to guide the parent to clean the children's teeth.

3. Module

We guard the six.

A group of children from 6 years old are included in this module. We focus on cutting the sixth permanent tooth and cleaning the interdental spaces. In a high percentage of children, the sixth – permanent tooth in the vicinity of the damaged baby tooth is cut until the dentition is replaced (12th year of life). We point out the retention of dental plaque.

4. Module

Lead and protect!

Asociácia dentálnych hygieničiek v Slovenskej republike

'ADHS je nezisková organizácia, ktorá vznikla 5. novembra 1993 v Trenčíne. Zakladateľkou ADHS je pani Mgr. Marta Križanová. V súčasnej dobe ADHS združuje dentálne hygieničky a dentálnych hygienikov, ktorí ukončil štúdium dentálnej hygieny.

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