Days of Dental Hygiene 2018 program
Days of Dental Hygiene 2018 program
Days of Dental Hygiene 2018 program

Days of Dental Hygiene 2018 will be held in Piešťany in the PARK hotel in days: 25.-27.5.2018

TOPIC : Project generation without teeth decay

Program :

Friday 25.5.201812.30-13.00Open speech of prezident ADHS A.Sloviakova
13:00-14:30International speaker : Orly Starkman (Izrael) The tooth fairy project
15:00-15.30Help your patiens on the way to healthy gums (GSK)
16:00-17:30Dr. Martina Sabová Teeth demineralisation on baby teeth
17:30-18:00Use of Pythium oligandrum in oral healt care (BARD pythium)
19:00Dinner and live music
Saturday 26.5. 2018
9.00 – 11.00Dr. Tatiana Klamárová Managing the treatment of a pregnant woman and her
influence on the oral health of the child
11:00-12.00Prof. Dr. Neda Markovská, CSc We will stop tooth decay now, for the future
without tooth decay
12.00-12.30Support for tooth sensitivity (Colgate)
13.30-14.30Dr. Adam Mikuš Fissure sealants in prevention of tooth decay – Yes or NO ?
14.30-15.3Sonic technology (Philips)
Fissure sealants
Intraoral camera
Culture of motion
Sunday 27.5. 2018
8:30-9:30Andrea Snopkova, DH Dentin hypersensitivity
and its solution
9.30-10.30Dr. Simona Čičová, neonatalóg, Focal infection of dentogenic origin and its risks in pregnancy
10.30-10.45Dr. Radovan Karkus, PhD, Airflow prophylaxis master
11.00-11.30Dental hygienist new ideas (DHN)

Link to the Hotel: address: Nábrežie Ivana Krasku 2, Piešťany

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