On June 4, 2022, on the occasion of the MDD in Veľké Uherce, an educational stand was created as part of the ADHS project as part of the journey through the fairytale forest. Education was carried out by ADHS vice-president Katarína Žiaková, dipl.d.h. dressed as a tooth fairy. Approximately 300 children took part, accompanied by family members, as well as future mothers. In this way, three modules of the ADHS project – Generation without decay were realized.

Module 1. You will be a mother, you can protect your baby.
Module 2. Mom, dad come with me!
Module 3. We guard the six.

Also in this way, we thank the companies for their material support, which enabled not only
oral education, but also individual training in the proper care of the oral cavity.

Although in an unconventional, but very effective way, the implementation of the ADHS project is possible.


Sme nezisková organizácia, ktorá vznikla v novembri 1993 v Trenčíne. V súčasnej dobe združuje dentálne hygieničky a hygienikov, ktorí ukončili vyššie odborné štúdium dentálnej hygieny v Trnave, Prešove, Bratislave, vo Zvolene a tiež bakalárske štúdium v Prešove.

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